What’s Your Foodportunity?

“Foodportunity” is an event that brings together Seattle’s international food community to a colorful delicious inspirational networking event. The organizer and soul of the event is Keren Brown aka “Frantic Foodie” and I don’t know anybody else who can create more opportunity than her. And she now asks me: What’s your foodportunity?

My foodportunity relates to the international foody community as well: My foodportunity would be to translate the menus of Seattle’s restaurants into German, French, Italian, Spanish, etc… all the various languages of the many international guests that arrive all year long in Seattle, in the Pacific Northwest.

Yes, international visitors are here: Multinational corporations are bringing hundreds of business partners and employees from all over the world to Western Washington. Over 200 cruise ships a year now use Port of Seattle facilities. International visitors spend twice as much as domestic travelers. And they’re looking for ways to immerse themselves in the culture of the communities they visit.

Imagine how you feel about reading a Chinese or Japanese restaurant menu (if the language is foreign to you) without the English explanation below? That’s the same estranged feeling the Japanese, French, German, Italian guests have when reading English menus – except that the explanation is missing.

I would like for those foreign guests that a menu in their native language is handed to them (preferably, with some native greetings) so they can relax and choose and order with ease and feel welcomed so far from home. Did you know, only about a third of the world’s population speaks English fluently? Yes, many might speak some English, more or less, however, it’s that effort to welcome somebody in their native language that creates the bonding memory.

I would like to see Seattle being known for having restaurants with menus translated in one or more of their guest’s languages, and with that show that particular warm welcome. I would like Seattle’s food businesses size the huge opportunity of what impact that relatively small investment would have on their individual business, on Seattle as destination, and the state of Washington in general. Yes, Keren, that’s my foodportunity I’d like to make happen.

The next Foodportunity event will take place on October 28, 2013 from 6pm to 9pm, at Tom Douglas’ Palace Ballroom 2100 5th Ave Seattle, WA 98121
Spread the word: #foodprt and @foodportunityse


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