Sustainability – Tell your story!

Using recyclable disposable table ware, working with a green supplier chain, giving food scraps to local farms, donating time and service to a local organization and much more – are you working up your list of “have to do” things, or are you telling your story?

Sustainability is one of the hottest trends nowadays. It encourages you to search for best ways to recycle, limit waste, hence damaging impact on environment. It also involves creating and sustaining a healthy community, integrating minorities, supporting good deed and action. I know that new trends also attract misuse, in this case so called Greenwashing. However, I see that this great trend stops many catering owner or hotel manager in their daily track and routine and makes them re-evaluate their business, partners and actions. Yes, maybe first for the sake of “being in trend” and “don’t miss out” but why not – – when it brings the most amazing result: Being considerable and effective in creating a new together and environment.

And it’s ok to let everybody know! Yes, there are many restaurants, catering businesses and hoteSustainability in restaurants and catering businessesls that do so much for environment and community, and nobody knows! Not even their customer. Ok, maybe, there is a list of “green things we do” on their website, but it’s the same list as the restaurant next door.

Tell your story. Your customer and local community love to hear that, and they will follow your story. Be a leader. Inspire them with your story. They might even want to join you in your activities. Why not going one step further and share your story so you inspire even more businesses and people to do the same.

If you want a thorough presentation on sustainability with ideas for your business, contact us and we send you a PDF presentation.


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