Kraut at Oktoberfest


Most German restaurants, delis and clubs around the world celebrate Oktoberfest. Outside of Germany – where the original beer festival is celebrated in Munich in fair style and big celebration tents for food, drink and dance – it is celebrated generally with German food and beer, and traditional clothing and dancing. As a German native, I am part of the local celebration as it became a tradition that I provide the Coleslaw for Oskar’s Oktoberfest.

Coleslaw German Style

Coleslaw German Style



Oskar’s German & European Deli and Catering is located in Lacey (next to Fred Meyer’s Shopping Center). Peggy Scott is the owner, a 72 years young lady that started the Oktoberfest tradition in 2001, and attendance is growing with each year. The second year, I had too much white cabbage growing in my garden, and as I had made tons of Coleslaw when being part of Schroeder’s German Restaurant in downtown San Francisco – the tradition was born.

Now, every year I go to the day before in the restaurant of a friend and prepare the white Kraut, and it became part of the delicious meals that Peggy cooks herself every year for her customers: Bratwurst, Sauerkraut and Kartoffelsalat, and Schnitzel, Rotkohl and Spätzle with gravy.

Peggy Scott and her team

And you don’t have to wait for the next Oktoberfest to try Peggy’s food, she cooks every day! Next to a huge selection of German beer and wine, chocolate, bread, spaetzles and dumpling mixes, etc. etc., and fresh sausage and cheese cuts (and not to forget my favorite Quark), there are tables to sit down, have a hearty German lunch, speak some German and sit back and savor the atmosphere.

Oskar’s German & European Deli & Catering, Lacey, WA, Phone: 360-491-3251


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