E-Mail Marketing – Is There Really That Constant Contact?

By now, 99% of our targeted audience is using email. We are collecting purposefully email addresses, finding email managing programs and email marketing services that facilitate the creation of promotional and informational emails sent to current and potential clients. Yet are you, indeed, reaching your audience? Can you see what they see?

On a daily basis, I am receiving emails like that…


…with the intention to display like that:

There are integrated and added security measures added to my Outlook that generally don’t display pictures added to emails. It also helps to receive emails faster and keep the working of Outlook smooth. 

I have the option to download the pictures, or I can go and view that message online. However, you can imagine the flood of emails everyone is receiving nowadays on a daily basis (especially your targeted decision maker). Are you sure that they will do the extra steps to see what you have to say?

There are a view tweaks you can do to increase your visibility, literally:

  • Use as view graphics as possible
  • Use build in options of various background color and change text color or font instead
  • Make sure that your message comes across without graphics
  • Give some substantial content so prospects keep watching out for your message
  • Give tidbits of interest that hooks your reader faster than he/she can push the “delete” button

 And send out that test email and check in various famous email programs, such as Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, MSN etc., how it looks!


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