Including links in your blog entry

The World Wide Web is a world wide web, indeed. It is living through all the links within the websites that link to each other – and blogs add an even greater dynamic to it – this is what makes your web presence interesting, what makes people coming back to it, that’s why people link to your website and blog. With that, give that karma wheel momentum and add links to your blog:

The link function in your blog (i.e. or works similar to the function in Microsoft Word. Highlight the text you want to add a link to, look for a link icon in the tools bar (above the field where you enter the text) and click it. A pop-up window allows you to enter the web address to where you want to link to. If you can chose the “target” [location of the link], select “_blank” or “open link in a new window” for linking to someone else’s website or blog (i.e. your local Chamber of Commerce or the restaurant affiliated to your hotel). Chose “open link in the same window” (or some similar wordings) for linking within your own blog (i.e. referencing a previous blog entry of yours). Click “ok” and you can see that the highlighted text you added a link to is underlined and presented in a different color.

Start connecting with the world from your first blog entry on and enter the world wide WEB, literally.

Modify "target"

Modify "target"


Link icon

Link icon


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