Seattle Food Blogger’s Night out at Quinn’s Pub

Invited! Yes, I was invited to a Seattle Food Blogger’s Dinner! I would meet people who enjoy and know about food. Who care about what they eat. Who get creative with ingredients. Who can describe that experience in words and pictures, and share it with everybody in their blog.

In hotel school – far back in Germany – I learned everything from chemistry of food to meat and veggie parts to preparation techniques to the art of menu creation. That was followed by “real life” with tons of veggies to peel and cut (at 5am outside on frosty winter mornings) and sweating on the stove for hooouuurrrs. No, I didn’t lose my idealism for food when working as a chef, and I really love to write – but it never ever occurred to me to write about food…

And now I met this amazing group of bloggers, who write about food, their culinary adventures and restaurants they visited: local, national and international ones!

I experienced one for me completely different approach to food, a combination of art and practicability mixed with one of the best spices: Love.

Nowadays, where people get upset that a fresh made product has no year long shelf life, where chickens come “from the supermarket” (vs. a happy country farm) and Safeway promotes with “Food and Drug”, these bloggers are an inspiration for life, our everyday needs and desires for food and the joy you can have with it. Explore that!

Ronald Holden

Michael Natkin

Candace Dempsey
Italian Woman At The Table

Jay Friedman
Writer for Seattlest

Rachel Bell (blogger’s fan)
From the radio show: Stick a fork in it

Naomi Bishop
The Gastrognome

Keren Brown
Savvy Savorer
also mirrored over at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer as the Frantic Foodie

Thank you, Keren! Thank you for organizing this amazing event. I look forward to see you all again!



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