Cultural Customization

The Cultural Customization Scorecard™
Our research indicates that international websites that are customized to their target countries’ language, culture, customs, and business practices produce higher levels of browsing comfort, better usability and interactivity, a more favorable attitude to the site, and increased “purchase intention” at the site.

Common Sense Advisory has launched a joint assessment project with Nitish Singh and Arun Pereira, authors of The Culturally Customized Web Site (Elsevier 2005). For a limited time, qualifying companies can receive a detailed FREE cultural diagnosis of one of their international websites, in the form of “The Cultural Customization Scorecard.” In return we request your participation in a short survey dealing with trends in website globalization and localization. Click here to take the survey.

The basis for cultural customization of websites is a theoretically-sound, empirically-validated framework built on five unique cultural values that account for similarities and differences across global cultures. The authors’ research studies indicate that attitude towards websites, interactivity and usability of websites, as well as purchase intentions at websites are enhanced when sites are congruent with the target customers’ cultural predispositions.
The cultural customization framework is drawn from established research and is based on five unique values: Individualism-Collectivism, Power Distance, Uncertainty Avoidance, Masculinity-Femininity, and Low-High Context.

The Scorecard
Past research has rated and ranked various countries on the above described cultural values; the authors’ research has identified 36 web features relevant for these cultural value. Thus, for an existing website targeted to a specific country/culture, they can quantify (in the form of a “scorecard”) the extent of cultural customization of that site .



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